Poly-Platform™ is a bundle of productivity tools and a runtime communications engine that simplify the process of migrating to, and developing applications for multicore platforms. Developers are enabled to analyze the application for hot spots and flow. Using a friendly GUI, the topology can be diagrammed and defined, as a map. The topology map is then used to generate programming elements for the application and runtime engine, thus streamlining the process of laying out the topology, building, and running the application.


Whether or not you have decided to use our products, we would gladly provide you short-term “Evaluation” consultancy to help you evaluate the software complexities of your specific multicore design. This “Evaluation” service will include a proposal of how using our products and services can reduce your development time as well as an overview of the challenges we foresee. We provide consultancy and services to aid your multicore software design. The earlier we become involved in your design phase, the faster we can help catalyze your development.

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