2011-10-18 Simplifying Multicore Migration

Article by Ted Gribb, PolyCore Software Inc. Multi-chip, multi-processing, multi-execution path technologies have been available for decades and have been used to solve complex problems and improve performance. Since single-core technology could address the vast majority of compute needs with constantly increasing performance, the tools and buzz was centered on single-core processors. View full Brief.

2010-11-11 A Unified Multicore Programming Model

There are a number of different multicore architectures and programming models available, making it challenging for developers to choose which one to use when migrating applications to multicore. We will look at some of the drivers for and challenges with multicore, discuss the importance of multicore programming models and how to take advantage of multicore standards and rapid prototyping to ease application multicore migrations for ARM Coretex-A9 MPCore. View full Brief.

2010-11-09 A Programming Model for Migrating Multicore Applications

Several multicore architectures and programming models are available for developers to use when migrating applications to multicore platforms. Here, we will look at a multicore programming model as applied to migrating an application running across multiple single core DSPs to running on multiple multicore DSPs. View full Brief.

2010-09-06 Fraunhofer Reviews PolyCore Software Tools

PolyCore Software tools are reviewed in the latest Fraunhofer report: Market Overview of Tools for Multicore Software Development, Software Technologies for the Multicore Future View full Brief.

2009-09-14 Simplifying the Design and Programming of Multicore Systems

Quadros Systems, in partnership with PolyCore Software, offers a suite of products, tools and services to make multicore a reality for you. Using our innovative and scalable software technologies, your application can rapidly be multicore-enabled and deployed within a wide range of hardware platforms.View full Brief.

2009-03-19 Developing Multicore Systems with Poly-Messenger & Simics

This technical overview summarizes how Virtutech® Simics® and PolyCore Software’s PolyMessenger® can help you migrate your single-core application to multi-core. View full Brief.


2011-04-20 Discover MCAPI 2.0

 An overview of the MCAPI specification, focusing on the changes made with the latest revision. Learn what is new in MCAPI 2.0, how the update affects backward compatibility with previous revisions, and investigate examples and techniques useful in deploying MCAPI 2.0 in your application. View presentation!

2010-09-29 A Standards-Based Approach to Managing Multicore

Discover a standards based approach to managing the increasing (or changing) number of cores in your design by attending a presentation brought to you by the Multicore Association and PolyCore Software Founder and CEO, Sven Brehmer. View presentation!

2009-12-17 Implementing MCAPI in your Embedded Multicore Application

Learn more about MCAPI in a presentation brought to you by the Multicore Association and PolyCore Software Founder and CEO, Sven Brehmer. View presentation!








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