Engineering Services

Whether or not you have decided to use our products, we would gladly provide you short-term “Evaluation” consultancy to help you evaluate the software complexities of your specific multicore design. This “Evaluation” service will include a proposal of how using our products and services can reduce your development time as well as an overview of the challenges we foresee. We provide consultancy and services to aid your multicore software design. The earlier we become involved in your design phase, the faster we can help catalyze your development. Our Solutions are primarily focused on integration of our products with your multicore design. In order to help you maximize the capabilities of our products, we can provide you with tailored solutions such as specific …

  • Target Specific Communications Topologies
  • Driver Development
  • Board/Chip Support Packages
  • Additional OS Support
  • How to Apply PolyCore Software Products in Multicore Migration

A key importance to our solutions is to assist you to simplify achieving the required performance and power consumption for your system, while reducing time-to-product.

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