Multicore architectures are proliferating the computing world at the embedded application level through desktop/servers and HPC. Program teams are vigorously working to understand the multicore world and the implications for the products.

Leader in the tools and runtime software for embedded multicore applications, PolyCore Software has the expertise to advise on a plan for an application to scale from one to many cores, and the implementation for multicore and multi-processor architectures.

PolyCore Software’s team has the experience to guide your application development team in identifying the following:

  • A programming model for today’s architectures and plan for tomorrow’s architectures
  • Strategy to use legacy code
  • Environment which may include different processors and operating systems
  • Approach for expanding in the multicore world

Harness the full potential of multicore by leveraging our knowledge in multicore development, and allowing us to bring your product to market.


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