Tremendous advancements have been made in the multicore hardware industry, fueled by the demand for increased performance and smaller devices. Improving runtime performance and development cycles showed a need for multicore software development environments. PolyCore Software addresses the need for multicore tools with Poly-Platform, a tools suite and runtime libraries. With Poly-Platform, application designers and developers are equipped to harness the full potential of multicore technology, and conquer the programming challenge that comes with each iteration or design cycle. Management will quickly recognize Poly-Platform’s value with faster development cycles, better code quality and an optimized software architecture for the targeted multicore and multiprocessor hardware platform.

Multicore technology has the potential to significantly improve application performance and without a doubt, substantially increases software complexity. The purpose and business of PolyCore Software is to simplify multicore programming. We do this by providing solutions that bridge the gap between multicore hardware and software, in addition to lightening the programming load.

Taking into account the importance of compatibility, PolyCore Software’s multicore communications tools and run-time software are built around industry standards, protecting existing software and hardware investments.

Poly-Platform is separated through abstraction from the hardware layer, and requires very low overhead, allowing for rapid optimization and validation, thus improving time-to-market.

For a closer look at Poly-Platform, enjoy this short video.

A more in-depth account of Poly-Platform, as well as technical details can be found at both the Product pages, and the Webinar page.


PolyCore Software was founded in 2003 to address the software development challenges brought on by the emergence of multicore chips. The PolyCore Software team brings substantial embedded software and multi-processing experience.

PolyCore Software is a founding board member of the Multicore Association, and an active participant in its standardization working groups.

PolyCore Software serves markets such as: digital consumer, communication infrastructure, industrial automation, medical and aerospace and defense.

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