Poly-Platform™ is a bundle of productivity tools and a runtime communications engine that simplify the process of migrating to, and developing applications for multicore platforms. Developers are enabled to analyze the application for hot spots and flow. Using a friendly GUI, the topology can be diagrammed and defined, as a map. The topology map is then used to generate programming elements for the application and runtime engine, thus streamlining the process of laying out the topology, building, and running the application. For a more detailed description, please see our Poly-Platform™ datasheet.

Development Time Relationship Efficiency - Poly-Platform improves development time and cost. MCAPI* service calls are generated via GUI wizards, communication networks are drawn, communications programming elements are created from models, and development time collapses from months to weeks and even days. Application performance can be optimized by reviewing profile data and trying alternative topologies in order to identify the most efficient topology for the application. Several scenarios can be configured and tested in a short period of time. The time and cost saving is achieved during the first program and throughout every successive program.

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